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Everything Else available at Custom Flags!

Give your advertising some edge with great value promotions essentials from Custom Flag’s Everything Else collection! We’ve got attention-grabbing deckchairs, bean bags, cubes, and more to turn passers-by your way when you’re out to make an impact. Our full range of personalisable, easy-to-design marketing must-haves can be decorated easily online simply by uploading your creative graphics and files to our simple online software. Start decorating today and turn heads with, well, everything else!

Our custom flags are great, but they won’t seat your clients! For cafes, university sitting areas, arcades, shops, and more, our promotional deckchairs are the answer. With Adult Size Promotional Deckchairs for outdoor and indoor use, you can give customers a place to sit while they browse, eat, drink, or play. Available with free UK-wide delivery, our Adult Size Promotional Deckchairs are a fantastic way to keep concert-goers comfortable, host more in your outdoor cinema, or seat diners at your curbside cafe, and can be customised easily and quickly with full-resolution photos, artwork, images, and text. Digitally printed for crisp, high-detail images featuring your brand logo, business name, or promotional campaign, these adult-size chairs are water-resistant, having been treated with heat colour set methods. Suspend these via 3 convenient plastic hooks to position your display at your choice of three settings, and get set up instantly with a ready-to-erect hemmed and stapled printed sling. 

Our Adult Size Promotional Deckchairs measure 106 (h) x 92cms (l) x 52cms (w) fully opened, and fold away neatly into a 132 (h) x 56cms (l) x 4cms (w) size so that you can move your advertising anywhere. 

A popular way to entertain the little ones, Custom Flags’ Kids Deckchair Covers are a novel promotional accessory for soft play seating areas, toy stores, cafes, ice cream shops, and everything else. These can be digitally customised with cartoons, colourful designs, logos, and comics to attract your younger clientele and their parents, and each affordable, durable deckchair is a blank canvas for all your marketing messages. Seat kids in style and comfort while caregivers shop or keep them entertained while they try out your toys - these come with a sling included for easy hanging. 

Nothing’s more exciting than Custom Flags’ Promotional Cube Seat, an ideal combination of advertising medium and seating solution where space is limited! Our customisable Promotional Cube Seats are a popular way to splash your logo or advertising message across offices, concert halls, reception areas, beer gardens, festivals, or exhibitions, and feature your own branded images to boost your sales. With our Multi-Buy Discount, which saves you even more on larger orders, you can enjoy free delivery on these colourfast, bespoke advertising tools. Custom Flags’ Promotional Cube Seats are colour matched and heat set to ensure your print is crisp, long-lasting, and protected from colour runs on machine washing. Upload your graphics, icons, artwork, photos, or address to these lightweight 1.6 kg seats for a compact and portable advertising essential that measures 550 (w) x 1520 (h).

Give your gamers a reason to settle in with Custom Flags’ Personalised Adult Gamer Bean Bags, made with colourfast, durable polystyrene for a multi-purpose seat and mobile advert! These bestselling beanbags are a hit at universities, restaurants, outdoor cinemas, courtyard cafes, and bar terraces, and can be customised with your full resolution images for a bright, attention-grabbing advert. Heat-set for a colourfast, run-resistant custom image that won’t fade in the sun or rain, these beanbags are lightweight at 3.3 kg and measure 650 (w) x 1000 (h) x 840 (d) to seat all your clientele - big and small. Use these beanbags to spice up your showroom, pep up your promotional party, or seat your shoppers, and make them feel comfortable in your venue with a polystyrene pellet filling for every body type.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Custom Flags’ Everything Else section is home to our bestselling Personalised Floor Cushion Bean Bags, Personalised Round Bean Bag, Printed Table Cloths and...everything else you need to make your campaign killer. With our easy-to-use uploader, professionally printed images, and crisp, colourfast prints, you can advertise your way indoors or outdoors. Turn heads and make your campaign stand out a mile for maximum impact!

  1. Promotional Deckchair - Adult
    Promotional Deckchair - Adult
    FROM £90.00 EX VAT
    Law as: £70.00 for bulk orders
  2. Promotional Cube Seat 50cm x 50cm x 50cm
    Promotional Cube Seat 50cm x 50cm x 50cm
    FROM £130.00 EX VAT
    Law as: £110.00 for bulk orders
  3. Deluxe Deckchair - Kids - Spare Canvas Sling
    Deluxe Deckchair - Kids - Spare Canvas Sling
    FROM £30.00 EX VAT
    Law as: £16.56 for bulk orders
  4. Deluxe Deckchair - Adult - Spare Canvas Sling
    Deluxe Deckchair - Adult - Spare Canvas Sling
    FROM £35.00 EX VAT
    Law as: £19.91 for bulk orders
  5. Personalised Adult Gamer Bean Bag Chair
    Personalised Adult Gamer Bean Bag Chair
    FROM £275.00 EX VAT
    Law as: £150.00 for bulk orders
  6. Personalised Round Bean Bag
    Personalised Round Bean Bag
    Available sizes
    • 500mm x 500mm
    • 700mm x 700mm
    • 900mm x 900mm
    FROM Low as: £90.00 EX VAT
    Law as: £76.50 for bulk orders
  7. Printed Table Cloth
    Printed Table Cloth
    Available sizes
    • 178cm x 275cm
    • 178cm x 320cm
    FROM Low as: £85.71 EX VAT
    Law as: £39.97 for bulk orders
  8. Deluxe Deckchair - Adult
    Deluxe Deckchair - Adult
    FROM £152.00 EX VAT
    Law as: £135.00 for bulk orders
  9. Deluxe Deckchair - Kids
    Deluxe Deckchair - Kids
    FROM £120.00 EX VAT
    Law as: £90.00 for bulk orders
  10. Promotional Directors Chair
    Promotional Directors Chair
    FROM £125.00 EX VAT
    Law as: £100.00 for bulk orders
  11. Promotional Cube Seat - Replacement Cover
    Promotional Cube Seat - Replacement Cover
    FROM £55.00 EX VAT
    Law as: £45.00 for bulk orders


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