Enter the lively realm of festivals and events with a custom festival flag and pole from Custom Flags! As we approach the season of music, culture, and festivities, elevate your presence with a flag that embodies your individuality. Delve into the significance of flags at festivals, uncover the advantages of selecting Custom Flags for your bespoke designs, and familiarise yourself with the effortless procedure of making your vision come to life!

Flags are an essential element of festivals and events, serving as vibrant symbols that elevate the overall atmosphere. These colourful pieces add flair and individuality to the surroundings, cultivating a lively ambiance that increases energy and cultivates a feeling of togetherness among participants.

In addition, custom flags also fulfil a practical function! In busy festival settings or events with numerous performance areas, they function as guiding lights to direct friends to agreed meeting spots. Their unique nature makes them highly visible amidst the throngs of people, enabling groups to find each other way more easily. Whether you're heading to the bar for a drink or taking a toilet break at the festival grounds, this flag and pole will prove to be a vital companion!

  1. Custom festival flag with pole
    Custom Festival Flag With Pole
    Available sizes
    • 3ft x 2ft
    • 5ft x 3ft
    Print Options
    • Single side print
    • Standard flag
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    Law as: for bulk orders

Custom Festival Flag With Pole available at Custom Flags

Our custom festival flags provide a variety of advantages that can elevate your festival experience. Aside from being decorative, they also serve as helpful markers to assist your friends in finding you amidst the bustling crowd. This makes it easier and lessens the hassle of locating each other in a large festival space or campsite

Additionally, our user-friendly online editor allows you to easily modify your flag with the image, text and colours of your choosing. This level of personalisation guarantees that your flag reflects your individuality, is one-of-a-kind, and catches the eye among other flags!

Our custom festival flag and pole offer great convenience in locating your tent amidst a crowded campsite. We provide all necessary components for easy assembly, including a pole stake and bungees for securing the flag. This ensures a hassle-free experience!

Custom Flags makes the process of designing a custom festival flag easy and enjoyable. Start by selecting the size of your flag (either 5ft x 3ft, or 3ft x 2ft) and the appropriate pole length, which ranges from 3 to 10 metres. Then, utilise our user-friendly online editor to incorporate your desired image, text, and colours. It's that simple!

When you're satisfied with your design, just submit your order to Custom Flags. We have the expertise to bring your flag to life! Our printing process utilises vibrant colours and high-quality fabric, making it impossible for your custom flag to go unnoticed. Our specialised technique involves digitally printing onto sturdy 115gsm knitted polyester, guaranteeing longevity and resistance to fading. A mirrored image shows through on the reverse side to help showcase your lovely custom artwork!

Thanks to Custom Flags's efficient turnaround and nifty custom design function, designing a festival flag that's uniquely yours has never been simpler. Show off your imagination with a customised flag that perfectly embodies your spirit at any event!

Featuring a diverse array of choices and add-ons, you can effortlessly design a one-of-a-kind flag that fits your individual aesthetic and requirements. Whether your aim is to make a statement in the midst of a concert crowd or facilitate your friends in finding your camping spot, custom flags are perfect for the job. 

Why opt for generic festival flags when you can have a custom one that truly embodies your individuality? Stand out at the upcoming festival season with a custom festival flag from Custom Flags and reap all its advantages!


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